When we built our new facility in New Haven we had to go out and find some competitive bids to help us not only builder out a functional space, but build out a beautiful space as well. It always a bit of a gambling when hiring out for these positions but we lucked out when we met CT Concrete Contractors.

As a New Haven Masonry contractor, CT Concrete Contractors performed all of our masonry contractor needs. Some of the best stamped concrete ct has to offer. Not only that; they were also able to fix our crumbling foundation. And let me tell you, nothing is harder to find than a good foundation contractor. We highly recommend them for concrete repair and all other concrete work

We recognize that it is through these small contracting firms and these local superstars that we are able to open on time. It always seems in the middle of a big renovation that we will never get it through, but we always seem to find a way with the help of groups like CT Concrete Contractors!